Contents and Public Liability Cover

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance is normally indemnity (current value) or full replacement (new value). It generally extends to partners and children living with you and covers household items and personal belongings. Most contents cover includes some public liability within the policy wordings and provides cover if you accidently damage or burn down your rented or employee’s accommodation. Please be aware that even if your employer has the house insured and the insurance company pay out for the damage, the insurance company may still pressure you to cover the cost of their claim pay out.

Public Liability Insurance

If you become self-employed you will need public liability cover before you start your contract. This normally covers personal and business legal liability for accidental damage to another person’s property. If you start using your own vehicle for work you will also need to change the insurance category from personal to business use.

Often self-employed contractors avoid taking out public liability insurance because they do not understand the protection it offers and how critical this cover is. For further information please contact us.

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