Rural Insurance

Farmers live in a unique environment and require a unique form of insurance. Your success is dependent on your farm operating smoothly.

When something goes unexpectedly wrong, being down for few weeks can throw things off course—but being down for a significant period of time can put you out of business.

A threat to your farm can become a threat to your home life when you live and work in the same place. It is essential you protect yourself, your family and your business.
If you’re the boss the buck really does stop with you. What happens to your farm if you’re left ill or disabled and unable to work? Loans don’t go away when a tragedy occurs. There are several types of insurance covers that can help your farm to survive. Life cover or total and permanent disablement cover can enable repayment of farm debts and protect assets that might otherwise have to be sold.

Key people hold the success of your farm in their hands. A ‘key person’ is someone needed on the farm in order to ensure its continued operation. In the case of a family farm, this means more than just specific farming operations and could include, among other things, maintenance of equipment, managing the accounts or running the family household.
At some point there’s a chance you or a key person will be too sick to work for an extended period of time. Quality insurance will keep your farm running while you recover.

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