Why Rural Insurance?

Farming families living and working across rural New Zealand enjoy a unique environment but also face particular risks that require specialist insurance coverage to match.

Premier Rural was established with this in mind, to create personalised rural insurance solutions by experienced rural advisers. Premier Rural only utilises insurance companies that have recognised and identified the need to create suitable policy solutions for the rural community.

We understand the rural environment is different, often with irregular GP services and much greater distances to hospitals and medical treatments for our families. Longer working hours can often mean stress and burnout. These factors, combined with long-term illness or injury, become more of a concern and risk for rural families. Frequently they result in the loss of both employment and accommodation, causing significant upheaval when families are forced to relocate to new districts, schools and re-establish social contacts.

There are several types of insurance cover to help protect you, your family and your farm. Having a specialist adviser who understands your daily activities—and your whole business—is essential.

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